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E-liquids from Michael Terkildsen a.k.a M-Terk available in the UK. M Terk are renowned in the vaping industry for producing premium quality e-liquids and the production of high-quality pre-built coils.

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M Terk, based in New Jersey he has been on a mission to develop a range of Sub-Ohm liquids which are unsurpassed in flavour. He now has a range of 7 flavour profiles which are truly exceptional.

Recognising the importance of flavour and taste each liquid is manufactured using the highest quality ingredients. Additionally, M-Terk wanted a liquid that would be easy on your coils so you will not find any over-sweetened additives making sure your coils last longer. The result is a smooth and deeply satisfying vape.

Each liquid has a rich butterscotch base and then the Maestro adds his magic by adding additional flavour profiles making each of the 7 liquids truly unique.

Starting out with Terkish Blend a unique mix of butterscotch and custard with vanilla cream, M-Terk was soon receiving rave reviews. Followed by Terkish Maize a combination of butterscotch and corn and then the glorious Terkish Harvest a delicious toffee apple. Again all winning outstanding reviews.

Adding to the lineup of amazing liquids he produced Terkish Kake a butterscotch lemon cake. And now he has launched Pumpkin AF which is a deeply satisfying pumpkin pie, Terkish Tradition combining butterscotch and tobacco and Terkish Kreme butterscotch and caramel tobacco.

Reviews are testimony to the quality of the product. Here are just a few of the comments left by extremely satisfied customers. “If you haven’t tried this yet you are truly missing out!”, “Best Juice ever”, “One of the most amazing juices I have took a chance on” and “This is hands down one of the best liquids I’ve ever tried!”

Opt2Vape are pleased to be one of the few retailers in the UK who are able to offer our customers the full range of the premium M-Terk e-liquids.

All 100ml shortfill bottles include 2 FREE Nic shots to make a 3mg strength liquid.